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Join my Team:

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These are simply information calls, from my business associates (Team Affiliation)....We're a strong team, who is committed to assisting everyone to succeed! - Inbox me, if you have more questions. I'd be happy to help you establish your Plan B!

Here, you will be accompanied, by a team of humble leaders, (Team Affiliation) and Paula Sanford Ministries, who are committed to your success, by teaching you, creating multiple streams of income. We operate, according unto a PROVEN system, which will help to guarantee your success, if you're coachable. Link up with our S.Y.S.T.EM.

Save, Yourself, Time, Energy, Money

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If you absolutely "dread" going to your "boring" job, (are just getting in, from it,)  perhaps, you recently lost your unemployment benefits and/or realize that no one, ever became wealthy, working for someone else, (while you're peaking in, during work hours...lol) you may want to consider, doing what the wealthy do, by adding multiple streams of income. Look at the first link below, to see how you can receive a very nice check within 2 weeks!....You're going to love this!

Associate Referral Program
Do you have any friends, family or acquaintances who might be interested in owning an exciting, home-based business? If so, you could earn some extra cash with our Associate Referral Program! We'll send you $25 for every one who purchases their own ZamZuu business! There's no obligation or time limit. Simply register by answering a few questions. That's it! In less than five minutes, you'll be ready to get started!


Therefore, I invite you, to take a look @ how, you to, can have your very own, Ecommerce Boutique, like ~Exclusively Yours~...http://www.zamzuu.biz/Default.aspx?wa=875324&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 , Without a huge investment.

The relationships, have already been established. You'll earn up to 60% Commission, on the parent company's retail profits, You'll earn lot's of bonus money & even EARN CASH BACK, as you shop from your own stores.....This is the best way to shop & earn big!

You'll have a direct affiliation, with stores like Macy's, Bloomingdales, Old Navy, Kohls, Walmart, Best Buy,  and various other well known stores, a travel portal, various specialty stores & some of the best insurance anywhere!......Visit the Ecommerce Link Today, Get started earning money today!...Takes approximately 5 mins. to get set up. Wow!...It doesn't get any better than this!...You make money, while you sleep & the parent company, provides full reports, via your "back office" web portal.
ou require no inventory, no employees, no hassles....Where else, can you get a full Boutique of Stores, with accounting services, for less than $50 per month? Wow~.....You owe it to yourself, to at least, watch th

e video. Email: teamwit@inbox.com with any questions. 

Visit My Boutique, to see what your (personally named site) will look like..You and your customers/other business associates, will have access to everything here, in partnership with the parent company.


Want to hear a live presentation on the business opportunity? - (Just listen) @ 8:30 CST / 9:30 EST to (712) 432-0075 / Access Code : 675895#.....This is simply an information call, from my business associates (Team Affiliation)....We're a strong team, who is committed to assisting everyone to succeed! - Inbox me, if you have more questions. I'd be happy to help you establish your Plan B!

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