Rejoice with us, in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, for He has opened doors in Nigeria, for our International Outreach Ministry, with our Christian brothers and sisters, in Christ Jesus.

Special thanks to Evangelist Nnanna Udeh, Author of "Dews from Heaven", "Conquering Your Season of Dryness" as well as the book; "Run To Finish, they do it for a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible", as he has been instrumental in ministering (along side others in the church) to assist in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ & meeting the physical needs, of many of the rural inhabitants.

Evangelist Nnanna Udeh is the President of IMPACTWORLD NETWORK, A Christian Organisation with an unusual passion and a burning vision of seeing God's thoughts and plans being made manifest to our world. Nnanna Udeh, has contributed lots of Spirit-filled inspiring write-ups in most Nigerian Newspapers. He is currently working with multi-national missionary agencies and evangelistic ministries.

His special programmes for the missionaries who are in the field of labour have affected many. He was the president of End-Time Evangelical Fellowship {A non-denominational Fellowship} for several years.

For more information on his books, ministry or to inquire about his calendar for speaking engagements, connect with him on FaceBook!/profile.php?id=735389321&ref=ts

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How can you make a difference, in your world?

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Thank you for your prayers & support of this International Worldwide Ministry.

Prophetess Paula A. Sanford D.Div., on behalf of Apostle/Evangelist/Author, Nnanna Udeh, Nigeria

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