Pastors & Director's of Not For Profit Organizations, Paula Sanford Ministries is committed to sharing ways, in which the Body of Christ can be empowered, both with God's economic system & via my associate partners, proven system of creating multiple streams of income, not just for ourselves, but the entire body of Christ, worldwide. USA & Internationally. Therefore, I invite you to share this information with every one you know.

Only (We), The Body of Christ, can empower our own! - The world, will not do it for us!.....We must be empowered & equipped!

I decree,Multiplied Blessings, unto you, your household, ministry, organization.


Prophetess, Paula A. Sanford D.Div.


My office: (773) 756-8302

Monday Call:

Every Monday from 10am CST / 11am EST -

(212) 461-5800 - Pin # 9901

Testimonial......From a live call:

"Deborah, from Nigeria is a "Bush" Woman from West Africa, (She is sharing her testimony ) She mentioned, how she believed that the USA was the land of milk and honey...20 years ago, she came to the USA & thru this opportunity with ZAMZuU, Now she can send money back to her family/country...She is going back, reguarly now, and has been ... instrumental in building 3 water wells..Now the government is turning attention to her village..Where they formerly walked miles, with buckets, put them on their heads. Prior to this, they had to bathe, drink, etc..from those streams...She says that now, when she comes, they see her "like the Queen of England", because they know, that she's coming with blessings. "

Pastor's, People in our congregations/ministries are losing their jobs, homes, families, due to the current "recession"...It's not enough to simply "preach" to them. We have to be wiser than the world & combine the Word of God, with tangible ways, in which they can be empowered, right where they are...

Thru the ZamZuu opportunity, You can show them, how to earn a great income, (getting cash back, on their purchases), while also creating a partnership with your ministry, to earn monthly commissions & bonuses

As a Pastor, you can give your entire congregation FREE, a "cash back distribution center". for shopping at the very stores, that they currently shop at. ....Walmart/Macy's/Target/Kohls/Old Navy/Best Buy, etc...Our company will send them a check, You can be a blessing to them. ..Those commissions go back to the church, which helps your congregation.

He loads us daily with benefits..Click the link on my site, to be taken to my Cash Distribution Center...To see exactly what you'll be giving away to your members. (~Exclusively Yours~) is the name of my mall.

Pastor, To get yours....Visit my ministries, Business Center, for full details.

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